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Beginner Class Notes

In this beginner course we will review how to set up your profile, how to engage on TikTok and how to make some basic content. TikTok has so many features, it would be impossible to cover everything, but this course will give you the confidence to get started creating content.

Learn from the Expert!

With 35+ years of experience directing and producing TV commercials, Helen Polise aka @themuthership knows her way around a camera and edit room. She has helped elevate major brands with her work on Sensodyne, Blistex, Hasbro, NFL Alumni and more! Her career is going strong as seen in her own social media feed where she shares behind-the-scenes of her work and home life in NYC.

In this beginner course, Helen teaches you more than just how to use TikTok. She will share tips on how to think creatively and edit like a pro! These lessons will get you started so you can create your own content with confidence!

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